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Abstract submission is now closed by late posters are welcome

Abstracts are now invited on the following topics and should be submitted using the online abstract submission system.

The international scientific committee invites abstracts from all professionals involved in the care of the orthopaedic patient who wish to share their skills and knowledge with an international audience.

The conference will be comprised of Keynote lectures, plenary presentations, concurrent submitted oral presentations, interactive poster sessions, workshops and symposia, and abstracts are invited for all of these sessions.  We also welcome and encourage both experienced and first time presenters and offer support and advice in the preparation of abstracts and presentations/posters. Prizes for the best oral presentation and best poster will be sponsored by the International Journal of Orthopaedic & Trauma Nursing.

Abstracts are invited which:

  • Provide insight into orthopaedic and trauma patient needs and experiences
  • Explore the role of orthopaedic and trauma nurses in new and established services worldwide
  • Address issues affecting orthopaedic and trauma nursing in the past, present and future
  • Celebrate innovative individuals, ideas or roles in musculo-skeletal care and practice

ICON 2010 will host separate interactive parallel poster sessions as an integral part of the conference programme to enable poster presenters to fully interact and discuss their research with delegates.  Concurrent poster sessions will run as part of the full conference programme allowing poster presenters to formally present their work to delegates.

All abstracts will be refereed and a criterion of rejection will be lack of originality. Successfully submitted abstracts will be acknowledged with an electronic receipt including an abstract reference number, which should be quoted in all correspondence. Allow at least 2 hours for your receipt to be returned to you.

For revisions or queries regarding abstracts already submitted
If you do not receive acknowledgement for your abstract submission or you wish to make any essential revisions to an abstract already submitted, please DO NOT RESUBMIT your abstract, as this may lead to duplication. Please email the Conference Secretariat with details of any revisions or queries. Please quote your reference number if you have one.

A condition of submission is that if accepted one of the authors will present at the conference.